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Hey! We are Starik, branding&communication agency from Kharkiv, Ukraine. Our team has been making design and branding for almost 5 years. "Starik" – an old man in Ukrainian. We got that name from "The old man and the sea" Ernest Hemingway. Just like the old man, we are not afraid of the sea. If the market is the sea, then we create waves in it. Our main focus is making brands with philosophy and great message to their clients. Main principles for us: – Don't do crap For our projects, in any cases and even in the smallest tasks - “don't do crap”. Don't do it and that's it. Spend your time, look for resources, come to the team for help, in general, do what you want, but just don't do it badly. – We think with our heads This applies to both our team and the customer's team. On our ship, we will not tolerate panic for sailors to run from side to side during a storm, not knowing what to do. – We value the team above all Any ship can have problems, quarrels and disputes. We know how to accept, understand and use them for development. "Respect the people around you, no matter what they do." The old man was taught by his mother, and he teaches us. If you are interested in our expertise, let's have an interview! Relevant experience business niches: Startup, Digital, Service, Education, Study, Agency, Development, E-commerce, Travel, Natural, Organic, Food, Fitness, Gym, Sport, Fashion, News, Blog.

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A brand is the image of your company in the minds of your customers. And branding is designing that very image. The consumer is not tied to a product or service, he is tied to the feelings and emotions that the use of these products and services causes. This is influenced by the brand.

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