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GREETINGS We are into software and web development since 2010, during our journey as a Fullstack developer we have learnt and discovered effective utilization of software development models and methodologies which really works with performance and deadlines. Currently we are practicing LEAN, Agile, Scrum and XP (Extreme Programming) to build effective products, we are also open to best fit with custom requirements. Further we are expertise in web development cycle i.e. product design, planning, development and quality assurance. For Frontend applications we are working with Pure Vanilla JavaScript also fully equipped with modern frameworks experience which includes React JS, Angular JS. TECHNOLOGIES We Love Working: ✔ DevOps ✔ High-Performance and Secure Web application development ✔ React JS ✔ Angular JS ✔ Python Development ✔ Python's Django Framework ✔ Rest Framework (RESTful api) ✔ API Development ✔ Flask ✔ Vanilla JavaScript ✔ Docker ✔ SQL (MYSQL, MSSQL, POSTRESQL, MS ACCESS) ✔ NOSQL (MongoDB, Firebase, Hive) ✔ Puppeteer ✔ Selenium ✔ Linux Server Management We are 24/7 available for consultation and development of your modern web applications which are secure, responsive, interactive, scalable, extremely fast and meeting up-to-date standards.

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