Do you need help in developing strategy and producing Facebook and Instagram content? Clients in Ukraine, to whom we provided our services, have received an outstanding and recognizable brand that noticeably stood out from competitors and achieved their marketing goals like obtaining subscribers, audience loyalty, and sales realization. Clients have received one more channel for the active development of their business. I organize the work in such a way as to use the possibilities of the sites to the maximum, measure the result and improve our work. ⠀ ⠀ ✔️ What I do: I am the owner of a digital marketing agency in Ukraine. My passion for art, creativity, and Mathematics led me to the advertising business 15 years ago. I am a hardworking person with healthy ambitions. Each order is a challenge for me and experience has shown that my team and I properly cope with solving problems of any complexity. I really enjoy the process when I see how my team's work leads to a good result, whether it is the increase in the number of subscribers, the popularity of publications, or the application's flow. ⠀ ✔️ My work includes: ⠀• Carrying out marketing research; ⠀• Development of branding and performance strategies for social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube); ⠀• Managing the production of the content of various degrees of complexity; ⠀• Directing movies; ⠀• Development of scenarios; ⠀• Testing different types of content; ⠀• Development and implementation of a content plan; ⠀• Development and implementation of a purchase funnel, ⠀• Regular results reporting ; ⠀• Optimization of advertising budgets; ⠀• Achievement of the planned indicators, according to the developed strategy. ⠀ ✨ I’m confident, my services or the service of my team will bring you benefit and pleasure from our cooperation, as it was in many companies in Odessa. ⠀ ✨ Let's discuss your goals and what you have already done and I will create a social network marketing plan for you. READY TO TALK? Contact me right here on Upwork. I am sure that my services will meet your needs and bring you the best possible results. I am at your disposal for anything you might have on your mind. Feel free to contact me and I will try to get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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