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My name is Adam Arthur, I am the owner and founder of inBrain, LLC. I am US-based software architect and have been writing software for over 15 years. I started this agency to address the many problems commonly found in software outsourcing. Namely, Agencies that underbid work, provided questionable quality work product and engaged in unfair labor practices. It simply was not possible to partner with an established agency. I discovered that virtually 100% of agencies pay their developers somewhere between 10-15% of billable hours, resulting in a massive profit and markup for the agency but poor quality work product. So, I personally traveled to Bangladesh, rented out my own office and personally hired a team of 8 talented individuals, which together with myself comprise the company. I hired for a diverse set of skill-sets: animation, web design, software development and internet marketing. By working with us, you will be cutting out the middleman and working directly with your team. We're small, and intend to stay that way, and we're looking to establish long term client relationships, so we're motivated to provide you excellent quality at an affordable rate. When you hire us, I will architect out the product for you and guide you through the product development process in such a way to avoid the many common pitfalls of outsourced product development. You will get to know the people working on your project. We're not a "rapid development" shop. In our opinion, rapid development is synonymous with low quality "throw away" work -- which is not what we do here. That's not to be confused with an inability to quickly get your project finished, quite the contrary. But rather, taking your time to setup a project at the beginning properly results in disproportionate rewards later in the development cycle.

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Ecommerce Development

Web Development


  1. Internet Marketing
  2. Swift
  3. Graphic Design
  4. MongoDB
  5. Django
  6. Shopify
  7. Motion Graphics
  8. 3D Design
  9. MEAN Stack
  10. React
  11. Android
  12. WordPress

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