Professional DevOps team with full infrastructure stack of support software development lifecycle. Docker / AWS / Azure/ Ansible / CICD Jenkins / Python / Infrastructure As Code / Security Infrastructure / Kubernetes / ELK / and a lot of more...


INCLES (Intelligence Cloud Engine Solutions) I glad to present experienced DevOps INCLES team (Intelligence Cloud Engine Solutions). INCLES engineers have a deep understanding of IT technologies and systems architecture. They are intelligent, highly motivated, responsible, and always ready to solve problems and address any challenges. Sometimes, is hard to find the one person with such wide scope of technology skills to cover everything in IT project, but the team could solve this problem. It’s much easier now and more effective to start your business with our team. We will guide you step by step to get your project done faster. This may be just the boost you need to make your ideas evolve. It features a thorough methodology to help you build your continuous integration in clouds, automate your routine process and improve a quality of your product. Our devotion to long-term partnerships with our clients based on quality at very competitive prices, constant communication and trust. What we propose INCLES speak the same language you do we deploy the same technologies as you do for developing and delivering Software as a Service. Such approach helps us to eliminated tech-related hassles and helps you to receive superior managed DevOps/IT support as service. Toolset: Automation Infrastructure and Software Setup: Ansible, Chef, Puppet Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment / Continuous Delivery: Jenkins ( Pipelines, Groovy, interactions with Clouds, builds, tests ), Gitlab, GitHub, Bitbucket Microservices/ Containers: LXC, Docker, Kubernetes, Swarm, Rancher ... Scripting/Automation/ Development: Bash, Python, Groovy ... Public Clouds: AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, BlueMix ... Private and Hybrid Clouds: OpenStack, VMware, Proxmox, Custom Infrastructure solutions with service discovery and resource management ... Virtualization : KVM, VMware, Xen, OpenVZ, VirtualBox ... Tracking tools: Jira, Redmine, Git, Trello, Gitlab ... Application Servers: JBoss, Tomcat, Websphere … Web Servers: Nginx, Apache... Monitoring and Log Aggregation: ELK stack (Elasticsearch, LogStash, Kibana), Graylog, Grafana, Prometheus, Zabbix and cloud monitoring tools VPN solutions: IPsec, OpenVPN, SSTP, PPTP Security: OWASP, OWASP ZAP, Nessus, BDD, PortSwigger Burp Database Support : Oracle, PostgreSQL, MSSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, DynamoDB User management: FreeIpa, LDAPS… Services: Support Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). We develop a systematic Automated Release and Deployment Management plan which minimizes human intervention and prevents errors. Cloud cost management and reducing bills (analyzing, re-design, proposals, development infrastructure for smart management) Building Digital Infrastructure for Startups/Companies/Projects Migration Startups/Companies/Projects from on-premises to Cloud Infrastructure As Code concept Dockerization your project Systems Planning, Security and Administration Preparation for Infrastructure Security Audit Design and implementation High Availability / Disaster Recovery in private and public clouds Provide remote DevOps support as service with full scope of utilities and automation (we always find the person with appropriate skills and knowledge ) Provide remote Operations support as service with full scope of utilities (design and setup appropriate software for monitoring the problems and sort it out immediately). Complex Security: System Security, Infrastructure Security, Data Security, Network Security, firewalls Training and consultation your staff with applying Agile and DevOps principles at Scale Availability time zone - any Preferable projects - long time support

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Infrastructure as Code
Google Cloud Platform
Amazon Web Services
System Administration
Security Engineering
Microsoft Azure

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