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Dear Client, Are you looking for a Startup Strategy, Competitive Intel researcher (OR) Market Intel researcher, a writer who understands your expectations and business goals as well? Please look no further! I leverage a small team of researchers (Ex colleagues mostly and also youth from my church) to deliver on a daily basis highly-targeted, curated and (most important) lead lists which are highly accurate to my clients. ABOUT ME - 15+ years of experience of understanding clients' requirements and exceeding expectations. Experienced management consultant/researcher-with full time with Capgemini, Gartner, Frost, and Sullivan in the past. Worked with global clients such as Bayer, Monsanto, Applied Materials, Microsoft.... I believe our world needs great Competitive & market researchers/internet researchers who will also understand their customers and their business (especially startups). Not just data entry workforce, who can access a lot of metadata but nothing to gain insight or support decision making ....that's just pure noise. MOST RECENT TESTIMONIAL FROM MY PREVIOUS UPWORK CLIENT (keeps getting updated): I HAVE ALSO SHARED SIMILAR FEEDBACK WITH THESE CLIENTS AS ITS A SYNERGY I TRY AND CREATE... 1. PROJECT NAME: Heat-map - VC Analysis FEEDBACK: I’ve lost count of the many projects I have done with Rajesh. His work is phenomenal. Definitely someone you’re looking for. No money wasted. Pure professional work 2. PROJECT NAME: Proximity Marketing Research FEEDBACK: Rajesh is very talented, and proactive in his approach. He got involved and took ownership of the project which gave us more insightful and better results. His extensive experience allows him to take a "big picture" view on things, driving a broader and more business relevant understanding. He is a very good communicator. 3. PROJECT NAME: Looking for an experienced market researcher to create a compelling and detailed competitor analysis FEEDBACK: Job well done matching my requirements and expectation. His communication was top-notch, he met the deadline and sent me constant feed backs. 4. PROJECT NAME: Competitors Pricing Analysis FEEDBACK: This is my 2nd project given to Rajesh in a series of more upcoming projects, planned and executed phenomenally, great insight and innovative ideas. Very professionally executed. 5. PROJECT NAME: Market research and data collection of radio-diagnostics market FEEDBACK: Great attitude and reliable work 6. PROJECT NAME: Market and Customer Research. FEEDBACK: Rajesh is an excellent communicator! He creates the greatest value for your dollars spent! He provided me a no-risk option that proved his value. A quick glimpse of other the last few months in Upwork, 7. "Rajesh went above and beyond the scope of the job to truly understand the intent of the project and delivered results beyond my expectations. Strongly recommend!!!" 8. "I've rehired Rajesh based on the good initial work carried out. Research is high quality, timely and thorough - often with multiple sources/alternatives to help corroborate. 9. Feedback is easy should there be anything I want tweaking. All carried out quickly." 10. Rajesh makes my job that much easier. Thanks again :)" 11. "Rajesh, Is highly talented and rigorous in his approach. ." 12. "The co-operation with Rajesh was extremely easy and he performed the task flawlessly and with high quality.” NOT MANY COMPETITIVE RESEARCHER and MARKET RESEARCHERS CAN SAY FOR SURE YOU'LL LOVE THEIR WORK! BTW, this is what I guarantee to deliver: ► An insightful research work/write up which will definitely captivate YOUR customer's attention ► Details of all the research analysis (calculations, assumptions, and findings) backed by solid sources ► Highly distilled information from secondary sources and data analysis which can be used right away for decision making and presentations to YOUR customers (customization to match your expectations) ► Very quick turnaround backed by superior six sigma/lean methodology based project management so you don’t lose your customers! ► Inputs based on 15+ years of experience and 1000+ past research projects – about what will work and what won’t ► Best practices in market intelligence, account or company research, competitive intelligence, company financials, research on individuals, startup-related research and identification of purchase - decision-makers ► Research supported by systematic gathering and robust interpretation of information-analytical and statistical techniques and methods My philosophy is I value, focus, respect my clients, and understand their business goals and I provide high quality (consistent, accurate and complete information) support even after the contract (free of charge) so great things can happen! So, please feel free to reach me if you are looking for value and quality and not something done cheap or in a rush. You can contact me using the buttons on the top of this page and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

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We provide, Sales Intelligence (Competitive Research, Account Research and Market Research), Virtual Admin Support and Lead Generation for our clients.

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