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An ACCA member (CPA) with over 12 years MNC `s experience in Accounting, Finance and Internal Auditor. I can provide the following services with eximious effectiveness. Book Keeping: - Invoicing and Billing - Bookkeeper for Monthly Reports and Account Management - Accounts & Bank Reconciliation - Cost and management accounting - Verifying, allocating, posting and reconciling accounts payable and receivable - Producing error-free accounting reports and present their results - Spot errors and suggest ways to improve efficiency and spending - Review and recommend modifications to accounting systems and procedures - Operations management - Inventory management - Financial standards setting and forecasting - Assist with preparation of audits and tax returns - Direct internal and external audits to ensure compliance - Support month-end and year-end close process - Liaise with finance colleagues and Sub Regional Controller to improve financial procedures Preparation of Financial Statements: - Financial Modeling and Analysis - Financial Reporting and forecasting - Budgeting, preparing financial statements using Microsoft Excel - Business and financial analysis including Ratio Analysis, SWOT analysis, PESTEL, and others. - Analyzing financial information and summarizing financial status My Competencies -Self Motivated -Delivering results, ensuring deadlines and achieving excellence -Integrity and Ethics -Ownership and accountability Proficient User of the following accounting softwares: ✅ Expert in Quickbooks, Xero, Netsuite,Dynamics ✅ Expert in Sage Instant Accounts, Sage 50 Accounts, Sage cloud and SageOne Accounts. ✅ Certified QuickBooks & Xero ProAdvisor. ✅ Expert in kashflow, PriceAjob, Zoho, Landlord Max, etc. ✅SAP PS, FICO, MM, SD, BI Reports Accounting Systems and Controls| Auditing| Budgeting| Capital Acquisitions| Cash Flow Analysis| Corporate |Reporting| Cost Accounting| Credit / Debt Management| Estate Planning |Financial Compliance| Financial |Management| Financial Negotiations| Financial Planning| Financial Presentations| Financial Reporting| Financial Strategizing| General Accounting| Income Tax Planning| Internal Controls/Technology| Investment Strategies| Management Accounting| Payroll Management| Personal |Financial Planning| Profit and Loss Management| Revenue Forecasting| Sales Forecasting| Tax Schedules / Remittances| Venture Capital / Financing |Data Analytics |Python Finance| Data Mining| Accounts payable| Accounts receivable| Adjusting/closing entries| Analysis/analyzing| Asset(s)| Asset management| Audit/auditing/audit controls| Balance sheet| Benefits administration| Billing| Bond(s)| Budget/budgeting/budget control| Business plan| Buyout| Campaign| Capital budget| Cash flow| Cash management| Chart of accounts| Client/client base| Collections| Commercial lending| Compliance| Consumer lending| Contract Management| Corporate governance| Corporate treasury| Cost accounting| Cost benefit analysis| Cost of goods sold (COGS)| Cost reduction and avoidance| Credit management| Debt| Debt management| Debt refinancing| Debt service| Debt to worth| Depreciation/accelerated depreciation| Disbursements| Discount cash flow| Dividend(s)| Due diligence| EBIT/EBITDA| Efficiencies| Equity| Equity underwriting| Expenditures| Expense analysis| (FASB) Financial Accounting Standards Board| Fast-paced| Feasibility| Financial analysis| Financial modeling| Financial planning| Financial reporting| Financial statements| Fixed assets| Fixed cost| Forecast/forecasting| Foreign exchange| GAAP| General accounting| General Ledger| Globalization| Goal(s)| Guarantee/guarantor| High stress| Inflow/outflow| Interest rate(s)| International Financial Reporting Standards| Internal controls | Inventory control| Inventory management| Investment analysis/management| Investment finance| Investor relations| Initial Public Offering (IPO)| Invoice| Job (order) costing| Journal/journaling| Loan administration| Lending| Letter of credit| Liabilities/liability| Liquidity| Management reporting| Markets| Mergers and acquisitions| Money| Mutual fund(s)| Net present value (NPV)| Net worth| Operating reports |Overhead| Payroll administration| Policies| Procedures| Process/processing| Process improvement| Profit and loss analysis| Profit and loss statement (P&L)| Projections| Public speaking| Purchase accounting| Quarterly/year-end reporting| Real estate| Receipts| Reconciliations| Records| Regulations| Relationship management| Reporting and analysis| Revenue| Reverse takeover| Risk management| ROE/ROI/ROA| Sarbanes Oxley| Securities| Shareholder| Spreadsheets| Standards| Strategic planning| Statistical models| Stock(s)| Supplier| Tax accounting| Taxation| Technology| Transaction| Treasury| Trend analysis| Underwriting| Valuation| Variance analysis| Vendor| Venture cap

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