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I worked in the field of Human Resources for over a decade with mixed of corporate office-based set-up and remote set-up. I handled training, personnel records, benefits, hiring, hiring strategies, administration, policies, handbook, and anything within HR. Then about 2 years HR in Remote set-up for start-up companies doing general HR management. Most of my clients are outside of Upwork and I don't have anything to showcase about my performance through the UpWork network, however, you can check my portfolio to know some of my highlighted projects and initiatives in the field of remote HR. In my first few months of working as an HR Manager and/or Consultant, it was a struggle for me because my mindset before was still with the big corporations' ideologies, implementation on how should policies be, contracts and legal implications, and benefits based on years of labor research for office-based setup. There are a handful of differences in the HR remote and office-based: contracts, hiring, onboarding, benefits, administration, monitoring, and freelancing should be viewed on a different spectrum of Human Resources Management. Some companies don't offer benefits (like the ones found in the big corporations) and no laws from any country could touch or protect the employees nonetheless, the guiding principles stay the same and that is to ensure that both parties are meeting halfway and with a core value of Trust.

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