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Fiberworks is an Artificial Intelligence & Blockchain development agency. Our team has a combined 40+ years of experience. We are a globally distributed team composed of data scientists, blockchain architects, machine learning engineers, full stack web & mobile developers, & product managers. We have recently completed projects in healthcare, finance, & autonomous vehicles but welcome projects from all industries and embrace finding solutions for any challenge. Services & Expertise: Computer Vision -Image & Video Analysis -Object Detection & Classification -Image/Video Tagging & Labeling, -Facial Recognition & Identification, Facial Emotion Detection & Tracking, Motion Tracking -3D Reconstruction & Rendering: -Image acquisition, Camera calibration, Feature extraction, Restoration, Stereo correspondence -Ray casting, Ray tracing and Visual perception Natural Language Processing -Language Modeling & Language Understanding, Text Error Correction, Misspelling Correction -Entity Analysis & Sentiment Analysis, Text & Document Classification -Automatic Information Extraction, Syntax Parsing -Spatial characterization, Auto Correction, Spatial interpolation, Spatial regression and Spatial interaction. Data Science -Financial Analysis & Predictive Analysis -Income Statement Analysis, Forecast, Balance Sheet, Cashflow Statement Analysis Geo Spatial Analysis & GIS -Spatial Regression -Spatial Interpolation -Spatial Interaction -DRRM(Disaster Risk Reduction and Management) -CCA(Climate Change Adaptation) -Natural Resource Analysis(Oil, Gas, Forestry, etc) -Spatial Statistics -Surface Analysis -Geovisualization Blockchain -Distributed financial services for use in banking -Supply chain with blockchain -Cryptocurrencies -Public/Private blockchain -Hybrid blockchain Bioinformatics -Biopython -GenomeNet -qPCR -eleven Mobile Development - Video & Photo App - Social Media & Social Networking App - AR / VR App - AI & ML & Computer Vision App Tools we love: Languages -python/django -PHP -Ruby on rails -Julia/R/C/C++ -Swift/Objective-C -Java -Javascript(NodeJS) Libraries/Frameworks -Tensorflow -Keras -OpenCV -PyTorch -Caffe -Scikit-learn -Knime -Hadoop -GDAL/OGR -GEOS -Shapely -OpenMVG/OpenVMS -Pi3D/ThreeJS -NumPy/SciPy -GeoPandas -ArcGIS -Pandas -BeautifulSoup -SpaCy -Jupyter Notebook -OpenGL -FFMpeg -AVKit -ARKit Cloud Services -AWS Rekognition -Google Cloud Vision -Google Cloud Natural Language -AWS Comprehends -AWS SageMaker -Clarifai -IBM Watson Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need advice. We look forward to teaming up. Thank you.

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Machine Learning

We've completed the following projects: - image/video analysis - medical/healthcare data analysis - bioinformatics - blockchain/cryptocurrency trending analysis - financial data analysis - text/document data analysis(NLP, OCR) - predictive analysis - reinforcement learning

Web Development


Artificial Intelligence
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Artificial Neural Network
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Natural Language Processing
Deep Learning
Machine Learning
Video Processing

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