About me : I do a little bit of everything : * Engineer the DevOps and CICD Chain. * Setup and prepare the development, staging and production environments. * Provide Level 2 & 3 support. * Maintain Systems, Networks and Security. * Administer multiple key Infrastructures. * Guarantee effective monitoring. * Write production automation and OS hardening scripts Technologies : Devops: Google Cloud, AWS, Kubernetes, Traefik, Docker/Podman, Docker swarm, Jenkins, Groovy, Amazon ECR, Ansible, Git, Github actions, Gitlab CI/Pipelines, SonarQube, Nexus, Selenium, Hashicorp Vagrant, Keycloak, Maven, Gradle, Npm, Node, Dev and prod environment Containerization and more System Administration: *nix/Linux, RHEL, Nginx, Apache, Tomcat, Jboss, ,PostgreSQL, Mysql, Mongodb,Pacemaker Clusters, Corosync, LVM, VDO, Stratis, Bash & Python Scripting, Kannel, Jira,Alfresco, Munin, Zabbix, Postfix, fail2ban and more Networking: OPENVPN, IPSEC & L2L, SDN, TCP/IP, SSL, SMPP and SMS, SMTP, DNS, DHCP,NTP, FTP, SSH, T.38, pfSense, Cisco ASA, VMware and more

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