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Solve complex problems with digital solutions. We provide user validated processes and products that transform businesses, optimizes their operations, defines how they engage with customers and innovate.


Keep your Customers in Focus Since the very inception of IIB Solutions Ltd. 2007, when we were only two enthusiastic engineers working together, we were solving complex business problems. And this is how we treat each and every one of our projects to this day, we solve problems and innovate for our clients. Over the years we learned that solution does not necessarily lie in building a piece of software. Building software is only a small portion of the whole solution, or how we like to call it Digital Innovation. Any business must innovate to keep a competitive advantage. Whether it's a small business or a large enterprise, moving forward is essential for survival. At IIBS, our team is dedicated to creating the full digital solution, from the initial analysis to the final delivery and training, so the client's team can take it to the future.

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  10. JavaScript
  11. Angular
  12. React
  13. WordPress
  14. ABAP
  15. eCommerce

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