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We are a team of social media managers championing specifically for Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. This start-up Upwork Agency has been founded by Michael Gonzalez just this year – 2022. Other co-founders are his brother, Matthew Gonzalez, and his, partner, Daniel Luke Amper. Prior to the establishment of this team, we have been working individually for our own clienteles. Having our own expertise, such as Michael’s handling of consumers (B2C), Daniel’s experiences in corporate (B2B), and Matthew’s data analytics, we decided to combine it altogether to become bigger and stronger. Our exposure to social media can be traced back since our early years and became active in 2012, back when Instagram was 2 years old. This is truly where our love and passion for social media truly started. Let us share with you our experiences with this platforms. Us as your Social Media Managers: *Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn: Instagram: Michael’s favorite. In 2012, Instagram wasn't still known nor was there a boom of bloggers and influencers. Michael was one of the very first ones to go and create his own little travel show called "thehappysolotraveler." It was an instant hit! From zero I had ended up thousands of followers! Before he knew it, he actually became a local online celebrity in his country, The Philippines. He was a hit! It was from there where he learned all the basics and techniques of social media by himself. His personal account opened his eyes to social media and its secrets as a whole to the point that he finally ventured in lending his talent at Instagram growth to his clients. From there on, everything just went smooth sailing. His main specialty indeed for the social media world. Twitter: We managed over 100+ Twitter accounts for our clients here in Upwork and was able to truly build their handle with that targeted potential audience that definitely met the client's field. So for example you're into NFT or crypto, we can target the people whom we feel can truly relate to what you have to offer and share in the social media world. We'll target based off keywords such as NFT, crypto, etc. If you're a real estate agent or real estate ghost writer, I can target your local people in your area, realtors, home seekers, etc. I always see to it that our very best is given and to make sure we build, following all the strict rules of the platform, and avoid bots and fake followers as a whole. LinkedIn: We managed over 70+ LinkedIn accounts for our clients here in Upwork. We guarantee you potential targeted connects in your field as well, following all the rules of the site. Social media is our love and I see to it that we always give our very best for each and every client we get a chance to work with.

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Social Media & PR Services

Instagram and Twitter growth with organic targeted active followers following the very strict rules of both platforms to prevent suspension. Quality targeted followers done manually using only the Instagram and Twitter Mobile App alone and no bots.


  1. LinkedIn Campaign Manager
  2. Instagram Marketing
  3. Twitter Marketing
  4. Instagram App
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