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Thank you for looking into our profile. We are a team of GIS specialists with experience + 5 years in GIS and RS. We are a group of professionals working with surfaces, maps, RS, and GIS. With a wide range of programs and perform various tasks. Tasks that we can perform with the best of my abilities: 1. LIDAR Data Processing and Analyze. | Create surface and topographic material ( DSM, DTM, contours, DEM GeoTIFF, Slope, etc ), orthophoto (from Drone images), tree detection and characteristics, point cloud match, and classification. 2. Cartography & Maps. | Geo-referencing and digitization rasters, making maps from various sources (Books, online resources, historical documents, satellite and LIDAR data, topographic sheets and other maps, etc). 3. Satellite Data Analysis. | (Landsat - 8 , Sentinel-2/1, Modis, SRTM, ALOS, ASTER DEM ). Create maps ( NDVI - vegetation, NDWI - water, Thermal map, Land Use), digitization ( Road, house, rivers etc), analyze relief, Classifications (Supervised/Unsupervised), Change detections, etc) 4. Google Earth and SAS Planet. | Downloading images from Google Maps, Bing, marking places, and vectorize. 5. Work with attribute of objects. | Filling, editing, and sampling ( SQL, ESRI Geodatabase ) & join EXCEL to object attributes using Open Office tool, etc. 6. Hydrology Analyze. | Detection Flood risk & Drought, watershed, basin, and data visualization. 7. Convert and using various vector data formats (SHP, SKP, 3DS, DWG & DGN, KML, KMZ, DXF, PDF, etc). 8. Creating KML. KMZ from Google Earth Pro for your property, plot, site or from the data (Finding Areas in various formats) 9. Calculate trajectory (GNSS&IMU). 10. Transformation coordinate system of data ( UTM, WGS, Default). 11. Open Street Map (OSM ). Downloading, importing, exporting, and correcting. 12. Spatial database (POST GIS) 13. WebGIS Application in 3D, Customized Styling, Interactive: Click/Hover on building, or a single apartment/room in building, Link attributes from Database to 3D buildings and much. 14. Blender for 3D Programs that I use: --- ArcGIS Arc map & ArcScene --- QGIS & GRASS. --- AUTOCAD CIVIL 3D & MAP. --- Adobe Photoshop --- ENVI. --- ERDAS IMAGINE. --- GLOBAL MAPPER. --- GOOGLE EARTH PRO & SAS Planet. --- ADOBE ACROBAT, EXCEL, WORD. We love to perform complex and unusual tasks and improve my skills. As always being said there is no limit to perfection. CHEERS!

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Data Design & Visualization


  1. Python
  2. Digital Mapping
  3. ArcGIS
  4. QGIS
  5. Remote Sensing
  6. Geospatial Data
  7. Microsoft Excel
  8. JavaScript
  9. Spatial Analysis
  10. Web Application
  11. ArcGIS Online

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