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The Small Biz Shop offers administrative and marketing support, including work on all office products, various email marketing platforms, graphics and a variety of other tools and products. With more than 13 years of entrepreneurial experience that has included in virtual assistance, boutique marketing services, coaching and training programs, along with her creativity, intelligence and dedication, you can depend on a job done well! She is also a BalanceUP® Lifestyle and Business Coach and creative strategist who helps individuals challenged with chronic health challenges or compromised health find their thriving new beginning and build a life of purpose that supports their work, health and wellbeing. She does this through supportive work (business support and marketing) as well as through her in-depth line of questions that guide her clients to the solution that's right for them. She uses unique and creative strategies for work, health & well-being. These strategies are especially well suited for entrepreneurs wanting to take their business to the next level. Since early childhood, Simone has lived with various illnesses, severe asthma and autoimmune disorders that became progressively worse over time. Not wanting to be defined by her limitations, she pushed to reach her goals in her professional and personal life. She now LOVES life! She has 'managed' her conditions while working as a business systems analyst for a major bank, earning her MBA from the New York Institute of Technology and while running her own venture. Despite being forced to close her business three times in the early years due to her health, Simone created a sustainable marketing company through systemization, outsourcing, and automation. In 2012, she assembled a team of wellness practitioners that helped her tune into her body more. With a new wellness toolbox and lifestyle changes, her body began to heal. In 2016, Simone and her husband traded the cold weather in Pittsburgh, PA for Central Florida. Simone's body gained strength and settled into a new baseline of well-being. Her motto can be summed up in three words: LEARN. GROW. SHARE. She believes that the world is better when we EACH live our BEST life and that YOU can create a life that supports your work, health & well-being! When she isn't sharing her wisdom with others, Simone can be found searching for seashells on the beach with her husband or capturing a perfect Florida sunrise.

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