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Hello, Thanks for Visiting Our Profile ! Research Infinite Solutions is an Artificial Intelligence Consulting organization well known for Deep learning and Machine Learning Services. We add value to our clients by continually staying in touch with them, listening to them and in the process improving our offerings. We are team of Experts working on Web development, mobile apps development, Digital Marketing, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, deep learning, Reinforcement learning and many more. Our Team has exposure on latest and Trending technologies:- -Tensor Flow -Scikit-Learn -Theano -Pylearn2 -Caffe -Keras -NLTK and many more..... Research Infinite Solutions is a one stop organization that provides Machine Learning and Deep Learning based Services across the World. It provides services with full potential of pattern recognition, learning theory of computation, self-optimizing and nature-inspired algorithms to the fullest advantage of its consumers, providing tailor-made Machine Learning services and solutions. We have worked on various prediction models such as => Betting System Prediction Using Deep Learning => NBA/NHL Prediction System => Lotto Prediction System => Plant Disease Prediction Using Support Vector Machine => Heart disease prediction system in python using Support vector machine and PCA => Diabetic retinopathy detection Neural network => Horse Betting System Prediction Using Deep Learning => Future Prediction of Stock Price Neural Network => Real-time Data Prediction Using Machine Learning => Dog Race Betting System Prediction Using Machine Learning Research Infinite Solution Company was established in 2015. Research Infinite Solutions is growing towards success day by day because of its innovative and reliable work provided to clients. It is a team of Developers, Data Scientists, trained editors, writers, research specialists and reviewers working in Python (Tensorflow, Theano, Keras etc). Our major goal is to make deep learning easy to use and beneficial for the business point of view. When you linked up with us, you will get more than an agreement and great knowledge regarding Artificial Intelligence in India. Artificial Intelligence plays a significant role in numerous fields such as military, medical and financial field. >> We have covered following areas in Deep Learning : - Finance - Health care - Life Science - Video Recognition - Sentimental Analysis - Radiology - Agriculture - Web Speed optimization - Image Processing - Stock Market Prediction - Medical diagnosis - Anomaly detection - Fraud detection OUR NEW LOOK: - https://www. Our Website: https://www. GitHub Profile: https:// Youtube Channel: https://www >> Lets schedule a convenient time to discuss the work on personal basis either via Upwork messenger or S kype. Kindest Regards, RIS Team !

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  1. Mathematical Modeling
  2. Artificial Intelligence
  3. Data Analysis
  4. Data Science
  5. Computer Vision
  6. Python Scikit-Learn
  7. Recommendation System
  8. Image Processing
  9. Artificial Neural Network
  10. Deep Learning
  11. Data Visualization
  12. Machine Learning
  13. TensorFlow
  14. Predictive Analytics

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