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Bosha Design +Communications (BD+C) is a full service branding and marketing firm specializing in corporate communications. We build brand recognition among external and internal audiences and deliver strategically driven design and messaging.


Different by Design BD+C helps clients stand out in a crowded market and a cluttered media environment. We do not believe, however, in being different for its’ own sake. To us, a refreshing difference must be anchored in smart and persuasive strategy and must create branding that increases in value over time. Without these characteristics, a brand will either be invisible (look and sound like everyone else) or disappear (it will lack any traction in the marketplace). And that’s the ultimate difference we aim to make for our clients, to build revenue ring or to increase employee engagement. Going beyond for long term relationships We believe in long-term relationships, not just transactions. Our goal is to engender client satisfaction and loyalty, even affection. We not only fulfill a client’s objectives, but we take every extra step possible to delight them with surprising solutions. We work beyond business and messaging goals to understand the culture of our clients and to learn how they prefer to operate. We not only listen to clients as business people, but hear them as human beings. Therefore, we rarely if ever have to “sell” an idea but create both logical and emotionally satisfying conditions in which clients feel free to work with us and create solutions together. The upside to our personal approach is the advantage of faster turnaround and hitting the mark the first time.

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