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Our team offers high-end turn-key Machine Learning solutions for your needs. We have accumulated great experience in delivering ML&AI projects for client needs, focusing on rapid development and business impact. Cross-industry and cross-functional competence allows us to start off the bat, starting with deep detailed business analysis and model prototyping at the parallel. Continuous model enhancement and business validation allows us always stay on track, making sure that no superfluous action is going to be taken. In addition to that we provide wide range of options for transfer of the solution to the client. Examples of projects where we participated: • Churn model development for one of the largest Telco companies in Western Europe • R&D of Machine Learning applications in maintaining oil wells: predicting change in oil production volumes after geological activities • Client base segmentation building for one of the largest retail division in Western Europe, segment analysis (behavioral, product, demographic) • Developed NPTB model for one of the largest bank in Belarus • Built a logistics optimizing unit for one of the largest retail in the country • Developed internal product for aggregation and organizing pictures taken on corporate events using computer vision and clustering algorithms • Research and development of non-linear approach to evaluate price elasticity in internet reselling Our development stack comprises but not limited to Python, JS, Flask, Django, Azure, Digital Ocean.

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