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Are you looking for someone who can help you optimize your business or upscale your business? Are you stuck with your next step? Do you need advice on how to create your digital identity or how to create a better process flow? Then I am the jack of all trades you're looking for. I have 7+ years of experience in helping businesses grow. From creating simple websites to complex systems or from optimizing and standardizing processes to translating business needs to IT and back. Some examples where my expertise could help you: - You have a great IT idea / solution for your business and needs to be developed. I can assist you in creating the necessary documents and develop the solution you have in mind. - You have a growing business and the need for automation is high. I can help you dissect your current processes and help you find the right IT solutions to fit your needs (and budget!). - You have the feeling there's a waste (=money leak) in one of your processes. I can visualize and simulate your processes and help you redesign a more optimal proces flow. - Your business processes are in need for standardization. I can translate your processes to flowcharts and write business (and system) manuals for (new) staff members. - You're starting a business and are in need off a digital identity. I can create your digital identity; custom logo and/or custom website. - You currently already use software, but there are little things that you miss in the software, like certain dashboards. I can build a custom made platform, which will use available API's to develop a dashboard to show you what you want. (This depends on your software) - You started your business or already are running it and none of the available software matches your needs. I can build you a web-based software that fits your needs. My understanding of business can help you translate your needs to IT and I can develop the software that fits your business' needs. - You are already developing your new software but are stuck in the development. I can translate your needs to IT. From process flows to database models, from mockups/wireframes to user stories/requirements. I will create the full application design or just parts of it. - You have a business and you require more customers. My experience in digital marketing can help you grow. From Social Media Marketing to SEA and SEO. Some of my standards: - Communication and transparency are everything. - Agile way of working. Using the PDCA cycle to be able to deliver your deliverables. Have you got questions about me or in doubt whether I am the right guy for your job, please don't hesitate to ask me!

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