Diligent software engineer with 5+ years experience in commercial application development building innovative and cutting edge business solutions for the impressive suite of clients within its global reach. In previous roles, slashed downtime by 25% and ensured 98% on-time project completion. Also identified and dealt with a significant process bottleneck that boosted coding efficiency by 35% when resolved. Databases: MySQL/MariaDB | ElasticSearch|mongo Programming: HTML5 | CSS3/SASS | ReactJS/VueJS | Laravel PHP | Python | Bash/Shell | REST APIs| java| javascript | wordpress |devops| cloud computing | Operating Systems: Linux operating system (Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS/RedHat) | Microsoft Windows Server | Microsoft Agile Project Management | Custom Web and Mobile Applications | E-commerce Web Solutions | Database Programming | Data Science | Networking Devices and Tools | Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) Structure several internal systems comprising order entry/management tools, conversion/revenue reporting, and production workflow tracking, as well as designed custom REST APIs built in Python, Laravel PHP, and NodeJS. Successfully installed Linux servers and virtualized environments using Docker, Hyper-V, and Amazon Web Services. Designed and implemented PHP web application, streamlining high-server traffic resource configuration and allocation.

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