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★★★★★★ Attention E-Commerce Business Owners ★★★★★★ ⚡️Are you really eager to optimize your sale? Thinking about starting an FBA private label but do not have time to start it? Have a low budget? Imagine how right Amazon Strategies can change your income statement to 10x…⚡️ If You have been a ridiculous failure in e-commerce world, If you have established your online selling system but are unable to generate revenue, If your ads costs have drained Your money, If your PPC has proven a nightmare to you, If you do not know how to drive external traffic, If your store is still at 7th page even after spending huge money on PPC. You see, every other day people are establishing online stores on Amazon, Etsy, eBay, Shopify Etc but failing miserably. Have YOU ever wondered, as I have, why most of the sellers end up only in losing their money time, and effort? It is not that they have not invested money. It is not that they have not invested time. It is that their effort and money have been misdirected. ★★★★★★ Save YOUR Time, effort, and Money ★★★★★★ 🚀 That is why we are providing our services to e-commerce enthusiasts like you out there. That is the whole purpose of "THE KONECTOR" to guide people on how they can get the maximum out of the online world.📈 THE KONECTOR is one that keeps every day updated about the new changes in the e-commerce industry and makes successful strategies to guide its clients. 📩 ★★★★★★ Our Proven Track Record Speaks for Itself!!!! ★★★★★★ 🚀 THE KONECTOR is known for the successful launches and building of 7 figure amazon stores. Our client’s lauds us for our unparalleled technical skills; however, we also take full responsibility for our failures. We can claim that out of all 70% of the launches were a brilliant success 📊 . However, in 30% of the launches, we could only get our back to our pockets by securing mediocre success. 👉🏻 If you have not ever come in contact with THE KONECTOR, you can never imagine how easily it can push you towards your goals of generating massive revenues from your online business. 🔰 It is not the Expensive FERRARI but the experienced driver that wins the race 🔰 🚀 It is neither enthusiasm nor capital that makes one successful in the online world. Instead, it is a highly focused and informed effort that pays off. And we are experts in that. ⚡️ If you feel that as we do that this is a true reflection of the reality of the e-commerce world, you will want to find out without delay how we are helping businesses to scale up to 7 figures. ⚡️.The Konector specializes in Amazon FBA Private Label, FBA Wholesale, and Dropshipping ⚡️ 🔰What can we offer you? ✅ Product Research Services for Amazon FBA according to budgeting ✅ Product Sourcing ✅ Listing Creation and Optimization ✅ Keyword Ranking ✅ PPC ✅ Buy box ✅ Criteria for choosing a Brand 👉🏻 Reach us now and learn more about how Konectors can help sellers like you.

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Personal/Virtual Assistance

Amazon FBA Strategist and Consultant | Amazon PPC ✅ Product Research Services for Amazon FBA according to budgeting ✅ Product Sourcing ✅ Listing Creation and Optimization ✅ Keyword Ranking ✅ PPC

Market Research & Product Reviews


  1. Product Development
  2. Product Sourcing
  3. Amazon Listing Optimization
  4. Copywriting
  5. PPC Campaign Setup & Management
  6. Virtual Assistance
  7. Amazon FBA
  8. Amazon PPC
  9. Amazon Advertising Console
  10. Project Management
  11. Product Listings
  12. Amazon
  13. Account Management
  14. Amazon Webstore
  15. Product Research
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