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Creativity in any space requires a foundation of knowledge about the world as it truly is. Previously, we had neither the vast amounts of data gathered nor the mathematical approach and the computing power to convert the raw data into useful knowledge. This creative act of discovery is what excites me about being a data scientist in the tech industry; to be part of converting the broad and deep data into creative knowledge that supports answering the interesting questions emerging in the industry. Questions that exist along with an amazingly diverse range, from how to disrupt the fashion industry over-reliance on personality-driven trendsetting, to leveraging social media to make the world more open and connected for people globally, to the profound and cutting edge research in genetics, biology, machine language, and vision. Given the recent findings (Facebook’s June 2015 report on workplace diversity) on the cultural homogeneity in the tech industry, it follows that a certain amount of homogeneity of thought, approach, and problem-solving exists among data scientists employed in the industry. My unique path to my Ph.D. and the gifts of my cultural heritage brings to your company an element of the diversity of culture and thought that I hope to put into service both within the program, and my career as a data scientist in technology. The world of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology has changed the way we think about our communities and how we handle the interactions we have with one another in such an extensive way that enables us to do great things from all around the world. This Emerging technology provides us a decentralized ledger of actions that allows us to audit and evolve our understanding of how these systems will benefit our society. Here at Ninja Development LLC, we have taken it upon ourselves to provide the world service of connecting people to this high-level technology to make their lives easier and more manageable. To take their dreams and create something of value or to make their dealings in business or finance that much more attainable. Our passion is people and to allow those people a chance to make something great.

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