Worked for 1 year in a Saudi governmental project. Issam works on GIS, Machine learning, Remote Sensing, and Data visualization project to unlocking geospatial data value for governmental use. He also worked for 2 years in research projects in both India and Tunisia in fields such as hydrology, water resources management, land-use change, and climate change using geographic information system platforms as powerful tools to study and manage water resources. Here down some experience highlights: - GIS in Hydrology and Water Resources. - GIS in Municipality & Resource Management. - Multispectral and RADAR Remote Sensing. - Agriculture Crops Type Mapping. - Natural Resources mapping and Agriculture land use mapping Using High-Resolution Satellite Imagery. - Geodatabase creation and Management. - Object-Based and Pixel-Based Image Analysis. - Geospatial Modelling. - Field Survey Skills using GPS and DGPS

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  1. Google Earth
  2. ArcGIS
  3. Remote Sensing
  4. QGIS

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