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**Update** One of our projects has just won the Bronze Lion award at Cannes Festival! :) More than 40% of AI companies don't actually use AI for reasons like long development time, high risk of experimenting, lack of experts. Netlyt is an AI-first company with a mission to enable businesses to experiment and implement AI to improve and reinvent their services. We provide tailored solutions, which means that we build the products using Python and the latest Machine Learning libraries. Usually, we work on one-week sprints and provide developer notes and updates before and after each sprint, giving absolute transparency of how the project is going. *We are vetted by Viber as a technology partner* Solutions that we've built are implemented in industries like: - Energy - Advertising - Ecommerce - Media - Fintechs - Various SaaS - Smart cities Some of the solutions that we've built: - English to braille translator - we've built the first braille translator powered by deep learning using a custom-designed algorithm based on recurrent networks - Content moderation system for German posts - using deep convolutional neural networks we were able to build a content moderation system that is able to detect when a piece of text is indirectly mentioning another person (e.g "the colleague from accounting") and block offensive slurs aimed at that person. - Travel planner bot for Telegram - Air pollution tracking and forecasting system - Energy demand forecasting system using convolutional-LSTMs - Natural gas demand forecasting system - Suspicious activity detection system - Built around HTMs the system is able to find employees that may pose a security threat such as leaking confidential information to competitors. - Voice assistant with a kinetic interface - a voice assistant for desktop PCs that you can not only control with your speech but also with hand gestures using a regular webcam. - Product recommendation system Let's chat and brainstorm your solution!

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Machine Learning

We build Machine Learning models to solve problems related to forecasting, computer vision, natural language processing. We've built content moderation systems, translators, churn/conversion systems, predictive maintenance systems, complex chatbots and more.

Other - Software Development


  1. Chatbot Development
  2. Artificial Intelligence
  3. Python
  4. Computer Vision
  5. Big Data
  6. Time Series Analysis
  7. Python Scikit-Learn
  8. Robotic Process Automation
  9. Natural Language Processing
  10. Dialogflow API
  11. Machine Learning
  12. PyTorch
  13. TensorFlow
  14. Predictive Analytics

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Bronze Lion - Data & AI - Curation of Data Cannes Lions | International Festival of Creativity Won the prize for the first Braille machine learning translator.