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Finosys is an independent privately held software design and development company providing products and services in the global software marketplace. We don’t do a lot of things, but whatever we do, we do it in style and according to the highest standards of software engineering. With a focus on specific state-of-the-art technologies, we only deliver products and services in the following market segments of the software industry: i. Web Apps (SPAs) using Angular and React ii. Web and Real-Time Servers/Services using Node.js, MongoDB, Firebase, Google Cloud Funcitons, AWS Lambda Function, etc... iii. Hybrid Mobile Apps (Android, iOS, and Windows Phone) using Ionic/Angular and React Native We, at Finosys, believe that software developers are the most valuable resource in the world in this digital age - even more valuable than oil wells or gold mines. We think that App creation process starts with developer’s selection and training, not when we start working on a particular application. Given these beliefs, we have developed a unique business model that focuses on selecting top students and professionals and then training them completely free of charge to be world-class developers in selected cutting-edge technologies. As a result, we are able to train and retain a large number of developers every year in the latest state-of-the-art technologies specifically needed to deliver products and services to the above-mentioned target market segments. From admitting trainees into the program to their eventual placement onto professional software projects, it is a sophisticated multi-stage process that is carried out under direct supervision of our qualified trainers and senior project managers. The first stage in the process is to create awareness about the technologies mentioned above by giving presentations and seminars in different colleges, universities and software houses nationwide. To date, numerous such events have been organized by us to create widespread interest. The next stage in the process is to filter out those who are interested in learning these technologies and select for training only the ones who we believe have the capability to learn application design and/or development. During the fiscal year ended in June 2014, over 5,000 candidates from the region’s top universities and professionals participated in our admission tests. The third step in the process is to provide completely free one year training to those candidates who have cleared our admission tests. During the last fiscal year we selected about 1,000 candidates for our one year free training program. The trainees go through a cycle of Theory Classes, Practice in Labs and Examinations to validate the progress at each learning stage. Those candidates who fail in two consecutive exams are removed from the program. The fourth stage in the process involves selecting the top performers from the training program and offering them six to nine months internship in Finosys. The interns work on mock projects and are constantly monitored and coached in this period. During the last fiscal year, we selected the top 50 students as interns from the pool of 1,000 trainees. It is in the fifth stage of this process that the interns who have successfully completed a number of mock projects are hired as fulltime junior developers. In this role, they are assigned to work with seasoned developers in a pair programming setup. And finally, after successfully completing at least one customer project in the pair-programming environment is the developer deemed ready to take on customer projects independently. However, the training process for developers continues and does not end when he/she starts working independently for our clients/customers. Every 30 days the developer is required to pass at least one internal exam, failing which he/she is suspended till the exam is passed. Exception to this policy is only given if the suspension is not in the best interest of the customer or the project the developer may be working on. The exams requirements continue to accumulate every 30 days even during the exception period and the developer has to comply as soon as he or she becomes available. We just celebrated the second birthday of Finosys. During our third year we plan to reach out to over 15,000 potential candidates in five cities of the country and eventually admit 3,000 of them to our training program. Thus by the end of fiscal year 2015 we hope to become the sole company in the world with a large pool of quality software developers trained in the selected state-of-the-art technologies.

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