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Welcome to Dannenhauer Labs. The developers here specialize in a wide range of modern technologies including but not limited to: Python, Jython, Java, JavaScript, Ruby, PHP, C#, C++ etc. Game Development with Unity is treated with high priority here at Dannenhauer Labs. We are passionately looking to build complex games from scratch using unity, and building Unity Server applications hosted on google cloud, or aws. Neural Networks, Data Science, Machine Learning, and Trading Algorithms capture the interest of Dannenhauer Labs. If you are looking for a Junior level developer in any of these areas, then please reach out. At the agency, one of our specialties is automation. I personally (The Founder), have built several lead collection systems that search though CL, Amazon, and Cars, in order to collect data on leads pertaining to a specific industry. If your main occupation requires you to manually search through websites for leads or products, then that means I have automated your job with software. Thus, the reason to my existence is revealed. If you are looking to bring an app idea to life, want to build your own social network, or even deploy a decentralized app on the ethereum network, then please reach out. We have nothing better to do. We are also open to providing consulting services. I look forward to hearing from you. Cheers, Dylan

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Desktop Software Development

Windows and Mac OS Development. Technologies Involved. C#, WPF, Windows Forms, Unity, Xamarin, Swift. Java, Python

Mobile Development

Web Development

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