Looking for a skilled and experienced web, hybrid, and native Android app developer with expertise in front-end development, back-end, database, APIs, web technology, styling, and multiple payment gateway SDK integration? Look no further than our lead software engineer with over six years of professional experience delivering hundreds of successful web and mobile applications. With specialties in automating business processes, developing custom software to improve business effectiveness, and designing intuitive dashboards and reports, our developer has the expertise to optimize your WordPress site for speed, fix any issues you may have, and modify existing plugins or theme functionality to suit your needs. Our developer has extensive experience with PHP, Laravel, Vue.js, Vuex, React.js, Redux, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, BootstrapVue, React-Bootstrap, Tailwind CSS, Livewire, Pusher.js, MVC, RESTful API, Web API, Lumen, JSON, Postman, Google Developer APIs, 2.0 Auth, WordPress, Shopify, WooCommerce, Material UI, Docker, Android, Java, Kotlin, React Native, MVVM, MVC, MVP, SQL, MySQL, MongoDB, Firebase, Fire Cloud, Apache, Ubuntu, CentOS, Windows, Docker, GitLab, GitHub, Bitbucket, Visual Studio, Sublime Text, PhpStorm, XAMPP, Laragon, WAMPP, Mailchimp, Mailgun, Twilio, Postman, Thunder Client, Android Studio, DataGrip, DBEaver, Phpmyadmin, TablePlus, Putty, and Filezilla. Our developer is available 18 hours daily and responds within 2 hours during business hours. We strive for 100% client satisfaction, delivering high-quality work that meets your specific needs. Let us help you save time and money, grow your business, and solve all your technical problems. Contact us today to discuss your project's needs and bring your ideas to life! 💎 My specialties are: ✅ Front-end development ✅ Back-end ✅ Database ✅ APIs ✅ Web Technology ✅ Styling ◪ Web development Technologies: ⚙️ Php, Laravel. ⚙️ Vue.js, Vuex. ⚙️ React.js, Redux. ⚙️ HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, BootstrapVue, React-Bootstrap, Tailwind CSS. ⚙️ Livewire, Pusher.js. ⚙️ MVC. ⚙️RESTful API, Web API, Lumen, JSON, Postman ⚙️ WordPress, Shopify, WooCommerce, Material UI. ⚙️ Docker. ◪ Mobile development Technologies: ⚙️ Andriod, Java, Kotlin ⚙️ React Native ⚙️ MVVM. MVC, MVP ◪ Databases: ⚙️ SQL, MySQL, MongoDB, Firebase, Fire Cloud ◪ Server environments: ⚙️ Apache, Ubuntu, CentOS, Windows, Docker ◪ Version Controlling Tools: ⚙️ Gitlab, Github, Bitbucket ◪ Tools: ⚙️ Visual Studio, Sublime Text ⚙️ Php Storm ⚙️ Xampp, Laragon, WAMPP ⚙️ Mailchimp, Mailgun, Twilio ⚙️ Postman, Thunder Client ⚙️ Andriod Studio, ⚙️ Putty, Filezilla

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