I spent 8 years working in customer service and worked in different roles. I am an experienced customer service representative, a trainer (supporting voice and email campaigns), a team leader and an inside sales agent. Throughout my professional career, I was able acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to make me a competitive candidate. I have learned to be resourceful and be good at multitasking. I have developed my communication skills and I have become an excellent communicator through phone or email. I have dealt with different types of people and I can get along pretty well with most people. I understand the value of team work and open communication towards attaining a common goal. I am a good leader and I know when to yield and become a follower. I am a fast learner and I am always looking to further my knowledge and skills. With my extensive experience and skills, I am sure to be an asset to anyone I work for. I am very dependable and you can count on me to get things done effectively and efficiently.

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