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I am a programmer primarily with expertise in Golang, Nodejs and Java. I have programmed extensively in developing scalable backend systems that handle millions of transactions. I have worked extensively in the blockchain space on projects like Ethereum, Decred, Stellar, PIVX and Hashgraph/IOTA blockchain among others. I have worked on cloud deployments on AWS for analytics software and also for middlewares in private clouds. I am well versed with most of these DLTs and their ecosystems and have also worked on the codebase in C++, Rust, Go, Java etc. I am especially focussed on micropayment systems using DLT technology. I am also involved with a Project on Secure MultiParty Computation. I am well versed in both the windows and linux platforms and also have experience developing cross-platform software. I have extensive experience fixing production issues, testing for supreme quality, writing test cases and testing them and improving performance doing profiling and performance tests. I am also a beginner in Machine Learning technologies and look forward to work on such projects. I am looking for work that is 3-6 months or longer.

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