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Mostly a web development company, we focus on javascript and graphics design. We are full stack


(To Be updated soon) I am a full stack engineer experienced with react,angular, and jquery on the front end, and on the back end using node.js,python,ruby on rails. I also have experience working with electron, webgl, pixi.js, p5.js, and webRTC through Janus Gateway, jitsi-meet, and media soup. I am driven, self taught, and excited to write software of any kind. I write games, websites, backends, machine learning solutions, twitter and facebook apps. I am always pushing my limits. I have real world experience working with node.js/express/react/next.js/nest.js/angularjs/sails, and ruby on rails. I have ran deployments for existing applications to elastic beanstalk, as well as deployed new applications. I have worked with startups of ranging sizes, to pre revenue, middle stage, 2-4 year running projects, to late stage, well funded start ups going on 5-8 years. Recently, I have been doing work with webrtc frameworks, such as janus, jitsi-meet, and mediasoup. Node js being my strongest language environment, I prefer to work with media soup, but I have produced deliverables using all 3. As well as my experience with full stack web development with ruby on rails and node js, I have experience working with python on machine learning projects (my true passion), and with flask. I have worked with Deepspeech, a voice transcription model,I have worked with Honk, a keyword spotting architecture, and I have played around with GAN architectures.

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  1. Concept Artistry
  2. Ruby on Rails
  3. Python
  4. JavaScript

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