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“Data is the new oil.” — Clive Humby Yes, and we are here for you to get accurate and high-quality data that will help to grow your business faster. What types of scraping we are doing: 1. Product data from e-commerce websites 2. contact information of businesses from public directories, company websites or search engines 3. Automate your data gathering/data entry tasks involving Google Spreadsheet, Excel, MySQL database, NoSQL, XML, JSON, CSV format 4. Scrape any information that you see on any website. 5. Scrape login required websites 6. Scrape critical websites that need IP rotation 7. Fetch data from API 8. Scrapy-Django Integration (Make web application using scraped data) 9. Scrape job posts/data from job portals 10. Both Python And Node js script 11. Social Media Scraping 12. Javascript/Ajax content or dynamic content generated websites 13. Web Automation My technical skills: 1. Web scraping with Python, Node js 2. Selenium Web driver, Scrapy framework, BeautifulSoup4, Puppeteer, Cheerio, OsmosisJs 3. Auto login 4. Request using proxy / Ip Rotation 5. API call More Information: 1. Working only on projects that I can deliver successfully 2. Best Work Quality 3. Smart suggestions on increasing results/revenue and decreasing costs 4. Super fast delivery 5. Working with responsibility 6. Short response time 7. Excellent written and verbal communication in English Reviews From Clients: Great Job! Superfast turnaround and the scraper is working. He set it out despite the scraper required client-side javascript and he was quite well in the python part also. He implemented puppeteer and it works very well. Thank you! Tags: Python, Web Scraping, Node Js, Selenium, Scrapy, BeautifulSoup4, BS4, Puppeteer, Data extraction, Scraper, Requests, Python Bot, Web Automation, Crawler, Spider, Excel, Google Sheet.

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Data Extraction/ETL

Any kind of data collection from any website that is publicly visible. Managing collected data. Processing collected data. Scheduling the scraper according to need.

Web Development


Data Scraping
API Development
Beautiful Soup
Web Application

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