my name is Mohamed and i am a fresh graduate student form faculty of engineering department of Electrical Engineering field of communication and electronics engineering i made many small projects in my faculty like , designing differential amplifier ,analyze circuits ,....erc tell designing the layout of MIPS microprocessor in field of electronics for digital field i designed PCB ,programmed atmel micro controllers up to control drives like NRF24L01 modules and make my whole network that can extend to 2^40 devices theoretically. in field of communication i used matlab alot to simulate communications system and simulate its functions , i also take many MOOCS online like machine learning professor Andrew NG course ,IOT specialization . actually i donot have any experience in market and real life work my whole life is based only for just study and recently i realized what i am forced to do in my life was totally wrong and i think this my first step to achieve my childhood dreams and face the life bravely . that is all i hope i can do well in this website , and i totally know this may make you people avoid me to work with me that is fine i will proof this wrong this is just my start and my first step and i will face all the consequences and difficulties that i will face , this is for me better than lying to you and to my self .thanks for reading all of this.

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