NI TEKNA - Intelligent Technologies

R&D service company for AI, Machine Learning and Image Processing combined with Business Intelligence, Web & Mobile Development


NI TEKNA – Intelligent Technologies is an R&D company specialized for applications of Artificial Intelligence in all fields that require intelligent solutions and where smart computerized solutions are of uttermost importance, starting from Business Intelligence up to Image Processing, Sound and Video Processing, Mobile Applications and Cognitive Robotics. With our help you will be able to solve your difficult software development or data analysis needs. We used to be more active on Elance, where we have reached top 2% of the service companies. In our team we have 10 developers, of which two developers with MSc in Intelligent Information Systems 3 more are finishing their MSc studies in Intelligent Information Systems and 1 more in Cryptography and Security, while the rest are all graduated in Computer Science and Engineering. We have successfully applied novel algorithms for research in data mining problems, classification problems, machine learning, pattern recognition and image recognition, for which our team has published tens of scientific papers and have received few international recognitions. In 2015, our NI TEKNA team has won the 3rd place at the AAIA'15 Data Mining Competition held in Poland. The previous year we were among the top 6 teams. The final results board from the competition in 2015 can be found on this link We have worked on several Business Intelligence projects integrated with Web & Mobile applications. During the last few years we have developed unique ways to select features, deal with the missing values and include categorical data into algorithms that require numerical inputs, thus being able to achieve great comparable results in much less time, even though we have used tiny computational power when compared to our competitors. We have a portfolio of projects that we can send on demand, in the fields of Image Processing, Business Intelligence and Web & Mobile Development. Looking forward to our cooperation!

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  1. Artificial Intelligence
  2. Data Mining
  3. Data Science
  4. Computer Vision
  5. iOS Development
  6. Pattern Recognition
  7. Image Processing
  8. Artificial Neural Network
  9. Robotic Process Automation
  10. Natural Language Processing
  11. Robotics
  12. Android App Development
  13. Deep Learning
  14. Machine Learning
  15. Deep Neural Network

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