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Established in 2021, GlobizITech Enterprises is an IT solutions firm providing IT Services and Support, for companies Across the Globe. At GlobizITech Enterprises, we think outside the box and utilize Skills to bring our clients an Expert Service Every Time. We cater for customers from diverse backgrounds, as every business is different and have their unique requirements, so we take pride in knowing our Clients and their requirements to approach their projects accordingly. Projects We Have Worked On: Our team is working consistently to revolutionize the world by utilizing emerging technologies. Some of the projects we have developed, includes; SPAD assists schools with the Student Pick/Drop process, Automated Alerts, Attendance Records, Student's Diary with updates about homework, Student's Progress Reports and Much More. GIMS enables businesses to track and determine total expenditure, costs, available stock, sales, revenue and other Statistical Data, Business Insights, Financial Planning, Business Forecasts, Stock Optimization and all of it is Accessible 24/7 from anywhere in the world. Smart Health allows patients to check doctor’s Timings, Availability and Book Appointments, in advance, accordingly. It also helps hospital staff in Managing Patient’s queues in real time, Maintain Records, Optimize Utilization of doctor’s availability and managing the Load. Smart Marketing helps Businesses, Organizations and individuals to Plan, Schedule, and Promote their products & services to eventually Grow their business Maximizing the market outreach. Professionalism and Commitment to the Service Standards, are amongst our Main Goals.

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Other - Software Development

Cloud Solutions, App Development, Web API, Angular, Tensor flow, Image Processing, Deep Learning, Jupiter Notebook, Apache Spark, Nifi, Kafka, Android Studio, MySQL, Arango DB, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, HTML, HTML5, Bootstrap, Angular, JavaScript/JQuery, Amazon EC2, RDS, EB, Lambda, Cloudwatch


  1. Web Development
  2. HTML
  3. MySQL
  4. Python
  5. Web Design
  6. HTML5
  7. CSS
  8. Data Analytics
  9. Cloud Computing
  10. App Development
  11. AI
  12. API Development
  13. JavaScript
  14. Angular
  15. jQuery
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