I have come to appreciate that, sometimes, no matter how professional one is in a particular field, you find yourself requiring an extra hand to assist you complete tasks that; sometimes, you can comfortably handle. In other scenarios, you are eager to achieve something, but you have doubts or have no idea how to do it, or where to start. Therefore, you are left with the option of either going 'back to class' to learn how to do it or outsourcing the service from professionals who have mastered in the area in question. Here is where I came in. But I am not a 'Jack of all Trades'. I am an ADEPT Researcher, Writer, Proofreader, Editor, and Business Analyst with over 12 year experience in the above fields. I am particularly experienced in ~ Writing dissertations, ~ Essays, ~ Reports Writing ~ Analytical papers, ~ Research papers, ~ Statistical analysis and ~ Other technical writings. I am an expert in A.P.A. 6th edition, M.L.A., Chicago Harvard, IEEE, Vancouver and many other writing styles. I am also an expert in Microsoft Word, SPSS, Endnote which are essential tools in producing professional and presentable documents. Besides researching, drafting and writing documents, I am an a 'tried and tested' editor. I do this manually and also with the assistance of grammar and plagiarism editing tools like Grammarly and Turnitin. As is evident here in the feedback sections, I do not condone PLAGIARISM and I ensure all the papers that passes through my hands are 100% ORIGINAL, comprehensively Proofread and Edited and are clearly Referenced and Formatted. Finally, and equally important, I have learned​ to RESPECT and understand every client since, we are all different; hence, the variation in our demands and requirements. I always ensure I do my best in all the projects and where things are not clear, I am never shy to request for clarification and/ or assistance. Indeed, my ultimate goal is to go beyond the obvious and be among the 'Silver linings' in this platform. I do everything to perfection and satisfaction of my clients. My client satisfaction is my priority.

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