Quiero Acid Lemon


The main objective of Quiero Acid Lemon is to experiment with different styles of animation and drawing, in order to conceive, communicate and develop ideas that require these techniques, giving life to characters, settings and forms. The studio was born from the creative union of Yilly Vergara and Josue Bruno, when the latter proposed to the Acid Lemon brand, (at that time only from Yilly Vergara), to give movement to their characters and two-dimensional objects, while they are involved in the field. commercial.

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Video & Animation

We are sure to make any idea that comes out of the imagination and inspiration of the moment come true in the creation of any audiovisual piece. Do not hesitate to contact us to help with what you need, we offer you optimal results and high quality product in ridiculously fast time.


  1. 2D Animation
  2. Motion Design
  3. Digital Art
  4. Animation
  5. Visual Presentation Design
  6. Motion Graphics
  7. Video Animation
  8. Creative Direction
  9. Video Design
  10. Video Editing & Production
  11. Digital Illustration
  12. Cel Animation
  13. Illustration
  14. Video Editing
  15. Visual Art

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Film To Festival Distribution Award 2021 Film To Festival is a Agency of Distribution for Latin American audiovisual works in the international film festival circuit.