SUMMARY: • I am the sole contributor to my agency with 7 years of experience in applied data sciences and machine learning engineering in Fintech industry, retail industry and gaming industry • Experience of working as a machine learning engineer at Teradata corporation. • Experience of building classical machine learning models and deep learning models for computer vision, anomaly detection and forecasting use cases. • Experience of MLOps in building machine learning pipelines to automate data pre processing, data streaming, optimised inference, data post processing, containerisation and deployment. • Experience of data warehouse real time monitoring applications development. • Experience of development of cloud gaming platform. • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills. • MLE mentoring experience at Teradata, Springboard and University of California Machine Learning Engineering extension bootcamp SKILLS: • Data Engineering python Stack: Apache Kafka, PySpark, Teradata Vantage, BTEQ, ETL and data wrangling, Flask • Machine Learning python Stack: NVidia Deepstream for Retail Vision, Deepstream Transfer Learning Toolkit, Teradata Vantage for CCTV videos frame metadata analysis, Deepstream ML Pipeline Automation, Jenkins, Keras, Tensorflow, Numpy, Pandas, ScikitLearn, lightgbm, Teradata ML engine, Pyspark ML engine, matplotlib, OpenCV • Cloud: Azure app service, cosmos db, azure cli, azure keyvaults, azure kubernetes • Web dev stack: HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Spring MVC, Apache Tomcat and Flask web servers • OS: SuseLinux, Ubuntu, Windows, Shell Scripting • Database: Teradata database, Microsoft Azure Cosmos db, SqlServer, Sql Experience • Springboard Mentor ◦ AI Machine Learning Career Track: Mentoring IT students and professionals to switch career in the domain of AI and Machine learning by passing the AI ML career track course work. Students consult on weekly basis by having a face to face call to discuss course work + capstone project technical issues and gain insights of industry level implementation standards from mentor. ◦ Mentoring capstone projects related to time series, data clustering, object detection + tracking, Text sentiment analysis and necessary dev ops and software engineering skills to scale up the project to production level. • Teradata Corporation * Senior Machine Learning Engineer ◦ AI based Financial Crimes detections: ◦ Worked with a team of 5 data scientists to develop the proprietary Teradata PoC to enable banks to detect financial crimes. ◦ Retail Vision as a Service: ◦ A retail analytics system designed for customers detection, tracking and activity recognition in video streams via object detection and tracking. Data Pipeline of Deutsche Telekom : ◦ Developed a data pipeline to integrate Deusche Telekom marketplace with Azure Cosmos DB. https://www.linkedin.com/in/zuraizuddin/

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