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United Community of Developers is an independent IT service provider with a focus on individual software development and integrating software into companies’ core business processes as well as IT consulting. The strategy of United Community of Developers is built on three pillars: its participants, comprehensive industry expertise, a broad range of technical skills and innovative methods for implementing software projects. This Approach provides companies with IT solutions that boost their competitiveness. At the same time, our prices are lower than market prices, which allows our customers to save part of the funds when developing by redirecting them to other needs of the enterprise. United Community of Developers helps you optimize your IT-based business processes, from strategy consulting through designing the IT architecture to application development. The range of services provided by United Community of Developers covers the following areas: >> IT Consulting >> Web Development >> IT Project Management >> Mobile Application Development >> Custom Application Development >> E-Commerce Development >> Dedicated Team With us, you will succeed in developing your business while retaining a significant portion of the funds.

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  1. Apache Solr
  2. Python
  3. PHP
  4. Selenium
  5. Django
  6. Symfony
  7. Sass
  8. Angular 5
  9. Twitter Bootstrap
  10. JavaScript
  11. NativeScript

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