Hello, and welcome to Astutely! OUR PURPOSE: Guiding professionals to understand their value, and unlock their potential. HOW WE SUPPORT CLIENTS: We are a marketing agency that supports busy B2B leaders with their brand awareness & lead generation objectives, using organic content campaigns on LinkedIn. We identify the subtle insights in your brand most people miss, and leverage them so customers want to work with you, and talent wants to work for you. In short, we use a leader's reputation to drive revenue and retention through LinkedIn and podcasts. WE WORK WITH: Founders & CEOs at B2B technology or service firms, who are subject matter experts in their domain (10+ years industry experience) and deeply invested in their company's mission & success. Their company has usually found Product-Market Fit, and are usually venture backed at either the seed, series A or series B stage. CLIENT'S TYPICAL PROBLEMS: 1. Long on ideas, short on time. They are spread across a number of priorities (hiring, sales, fundraising), and as a result are unable to find the time to invest in sharing thought-leading ideas with their audience. 2. Lack of experience with personal branding & B2B content creation. They are not sure how to best turn their ideas into engaging content for a B2B audience, and this lack of knowledge stops them from unlocking the true potential of their brand. 3. No sustainable talent/sales pipeline. Whether it's finding customers or employees to work alongside, their company has not yet built a system that generates the leads and talent they need to reach their goals. RESULTS: Elevated brand awareness, a connected and engaged customer base, top talent wanting to work for you, improving employee retention, and creating an aligned team driving your company forwards. Key service components include: - LinkedIn Profile Optimisation - Organic content creation: Status posts, Images, Graphics, Quotes, Videos) - Content repurposing: Turning podcast interviews into short-form videos, graphics, copy, tweets and more. - Network growth: Automatically connecting you to qualified B2B decision makers HAPPY CLIENTS "Ben simplified my process of sharing 20+ years offline expertise with an online audience. His strategy has helped me consistently share insights with my network over the last 12 months.” - Nick Hague, Co-Founder, B2B International “Ben helped me summarize and position 35 years of my professional experience in a very real, authentic and succinct way. If he had a dollar for every time I used his narrative, he’d be rich!” - Anne Worcester, President, UTR “I would not recommend Ben because others would get the same quality as me!" - Tony Kula, Founder & CEO, meetyoo Our team has over 20 years of combined experience in media, copywriting, podcast production, marketing and strategy. We are experts at unlocking your brand's unique strengths and values, and connecting them to your target audience. To find out more, please get in touch!

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