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Digital Blitz is a Done-For-You YouTube advertising agency. We specialize in helping high-ticket coaches and course creators scale their business, so that they can spread their expertise and maximize their impact on the world. We handle every aspect of our clients' YouTube ads so that they can do what they love to do most... share their expertise with those who need it the mosts. - Video Script - Video Editing - Keyword Research - Campaign Setup We handle it ALL. We've helped clients scale past $200k/month with just $40k in YouTube ad spend. And that's only ONE of our clients. We average 3-5x Return on Ad Spend across all of our client campaigns. So if you're a high-ticket coach or course creator that wants... ​- Pre-Converted Leads ​- Streamlined Enrollments ​- YouTube Ads Built & Scaled For You - ​Funnel Built & Managed For You ​- Email Campaigns Written For You ​- Tech Handled For You ​- Consistent & Predictable Results And you... - Have a validated offer with at least one client - Have a monthly budget for ad spend Then let's chat! Side Note*** We don't offer any services for organic YouTube marketing (ie. growing a YouTube channel) Also, we create custom strategies for our clients so our pricing varies.

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