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"White Label PPC" is YouTube Ads agency , for business owners that want to scale their business. So if you are business owner, and if this sound familiar to you: You want to find new traffic source for your business? Your facebook business manager go shut down? CPM's on other networks are skyrocketing? Your ads go disapproved more then approved? They told you that Youtube ads don't work, but you want to give it another try? ....... then you should know this: AVG session on YT is 25 minutes comparing to 10 minutes on Facebook. Every minute 300 new videos are on YT. It's second biggest search engine in world. Per total time spent on site its by far biggest website in world. In the USA, YouTube reaches more 18 to 49-year-olds than any broadcast or cable TV network. ...... We can go with this all day long, but we are sure you know most of this stuff.... what we are more interested is why you are still not on Youtube? We know you are smart, so there could be only 2 reasons: 1. They told you it don't work? Or at least it doesn't work for you vertical? Well our agency worked in any niche you can imagine, infomercial, ecommerce, offline & online, crypto, health..... you name it. We didn't only "worked", while doing so in meantime we spent over 50m USD in ad spend on YT for our clients. You believe they would let us spend all that money without being profitable? Hell No, we ve been super profitable. On avg our client make 1:3 ROAS, at least one that we can measure. More on impact of YT on your brand if you decide to reach out. 2. You ve been with wrong people?!?! We know how it feel. They told you your brand awareness is going to grow, but who care about conversions? They do Search & Shopping, so why not try Youtube with them? They disappear..... They are way too boring.... (no judgment here, it weird industry) ....... and we can go on and on.... but why bother, why not brag in how many ways we are way cooler? You asked for it! Lets the Bragging begin: We would actually ask how are you on our first call? We create calendar event for your birthday, we even congratulate you. Sending gifts is only for non micromanagement section of our clients. We do hate clients that micromanage, so please don't reach out if you want to know what your CTR was yesterday. ...... This time, seriously joking aside.... Main difference between us and 99% of agencies out there, is that we care. We spent over 50m on YT alone, no search, shopping.... Thus might seem we know few things about it. We currently manage around 1m in ad spend per month. We would never ever spend your money without prior written approval. We care about you and your business. Your success is pretty much our whole business plan. If you feel you need more info, we can send you testimonials from John, Oliver, Matt, James, then again John...... and then you can see with your set of eyes that bragging in paragraph above is modest representation on who we are.

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