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We design and implement embedded systems software and open source firmware


Full-time Embedded Systems Consultant with 9 years of professional experience. Dedicated to hardware makers who want to keep their systems secure and up to date. Focused on fixed-price projects with a clear definition of success. Available as freelance CTO for startups and small business. Services: * C/C++ and Python applications development for Embedded Systems * Firmware design and development * Device drivers development and porting * Linux system optimization (boot time, performance, reliability etc.) and deployment * Android customization * AWS IoT integration * UEFI (BIOS/EDK2/Tianocore) intergration * coreboot developement services * BSP (Board Support Package) developement and maintenance - Yocto and Buildroot * Wireless Sensor Networks (WiFi, LoRa, Bluetooth Low Energy etc.) Hardware hands-on experience (CPU/SoC): * Intel CPUs, SoCs and chipsets * PC Engines APU1 (AMD T40E) * PC Engines APU2/3 (AMD GX-412 TC) * Cubietruck and A20-OlinuXino-MICRO (A20) * Cubieboard (A10) * Banana Pi M2+, Orange Pi One and PC Plus (H3) * RedBear Duo (STM32F205) * NUCLEO-F411RE (STM32F411RE) * NUCLEO-L476RG (STM32L476RG) * BeagleBone Black (TI AM3358) * CC3200 LaunchPad (TI CC3200) * RedBearLab WiFi Mini v1.0 (TI CC3200) * SensorTag (TI CC2541) * SensorTag (TI CC2650) * MSP430F5529 LaunchPad (TI MSP430F5529) * MSP430FR5969 LaunchPad (TI MSP430FR5969) * Raspberry Pi 1/2/3 (Broadcom BCM2835/36/37) * SolidRun HummingBoard (NXP/Freescale i.MX6DL and i.MX6Q) * SolidRun SolidPC (Intel Atom x5-E8000) * Atmel ATMEGA328p and SAM G55 Xplained Pro (SAMG55J19A) * Rockchip Firefly-RK3288 (RK3288)) * HiKey LeMaker (Kirin 620) * Odroid C1 and XU3 (Amlogic S805, Samsung Exynos 5 Octa) * Nordic (NRF24L01, NRF51822, NRF52832) * HiSilicon (Hi3518, Hi3516C) * Espressif ESP-01 - ESP-12 (ESP8266) * System emulation (Simics, QEMU, Virtualbox) Hardware hands-on experience (modules): * WiFi - Broadcom BCM4330, Texas Instruments WL1831, Qualcomm (QCA9892, QSC6085, Gobi2000), Atmel ATWINC1500, Sierra Wireless MC8755, Compex (WLE200N2-23, WLE200NX, WLE600VX), TP-Link (TL-WDN3200, TL-WN722N), Acute TL2136-2, Huawei E3372, Novatel usb760 * Accelerometer and gyroscopes - STM (ST H3LIS331DL, ST LSM6DS3), InvenSense MPU-6050 * GSM (SimCOM SIM900, Qualcomm MSM6290) * LoRa - HopeRF RFM95 * Hardware security modules/cryptographic accelerators - CryptoAuth Xplained Pro (ATSHA204A, ATAES132A, ATECC508A) * CAN - Microchip controllers (MCP2515, MCP2551) Operating Systems: * Linux * Android * RTOS (FreeRTOS, TI-RTOS) * Bare metal, custom OS

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  1. Real-Time Operating System
  2. Linux
  3. Embedded System
  4. Embedded Linux
  5. Remote Sensing
  6. Microcontroller Design
  7. Embedded C
  8. Microcontroller Programming
  9. STM32
  10. Raspberry Pi

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