Available to onboard new YouTube video Editing ,Explainer Video Editng Short Video ads Creation, FB Google ads clients. My focus is real results, not marketing double-talk BS, and promises. I’ve got the expertise and experience to do it right and get your business moving in the right direction. __________________________________________________________________ The benefits of service Facebook & Instagram advertising strategy development - We use our experience in the industry to work with all our clients to develop a winning Facebook and Instagram advertising strategy that is specifically tailored to their business. • Profitable lead and sale generation - Once we've established what a client is willing to pay for a lead or sale we can create a suitable lead or sales funnel that delivers a fantastic ROI. • Hassle-free Facebook and Instagram advertising campaigns - We deal with all the ongoing management and optimization of our client's Facebook and Instagram advertising campaigns so they have more time to focus on other areas of their business. ___________________________________________________________________________ Description of services 1-Shopify Store Creation 2- Short Video ad Creation 3-Customer Support 4-Socia media management 5-Fb & Google ads ✅ Ad account audit:- Provided you have previous Facebook ad account activity, we start with an extensive ad account audit which can help us identify areas for improvement and speed up the optimization process. ✅ Ad account audit:- Video edting for your product, according to Funnel to make your customers really engage with the ad and take action. ✅ Full campaign structure : Most of the Facebook ad campaigns we create follow our unique CBO structure. This allows us to test multiple variables without overloading Facebook's optimization process. ✅Extensive audience research : We use Facebook's audience insights tool, along with your knowledge of your ideal customers to perform extensive audience research. Through this research, we can often find previously overlooked high-performing targeting options. ✅Audience creation : Where possible, we use your digital assets to create custom audiences and lookalike audiences that can be targeted. We also create the framework within your ad account for newly engaged audiences to automatically be added to retargeting lists. ✅Ad creation : We use your best images/videos or source alternatives where necessary, and use our copywriting experience to create a range of high-converting ads. ✅Pixel tracking : We set up all the necessary Pixel tracking within your Facebook ad account and provide your webmaster, or whoever deals with your website, with the code and installation instructions. ✅Audience adjustments and budget reallocation: We use conversion and audience insights data to find the groups of people (demographics, interests, etc.) that respond best to your campaigns. We then use that data to optimize your campaigns. ✅Location targeting: By researching the area in which you operate, and where most of your customers come from, we establish the best locations to advertise to. This will take into account predicted audience size and the products and services you offer. _____________________________________________________________ I value your and my reputation, therefore If you delegate the task, be sure it will be delivered right and on time. I always do my best to exceed expectations. If you are still unsure, please feel free to send me a message and I'll happy to chat. Yes, I can work within your time zone 🕙.

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