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🢂🢂🢂****SERVICE IN SATISFIED OR REFUND PROMOTION**** ➤➤I’m an officially certified Shopify Partner & Ecommerce Shopify Expert who is working to serve my clients at my best. I worked more than 2500+ stores worldwide with several countries/clients in past 6-8 years & now get a chance to solve your issues on Upwork. ➤➤Web developer with several experiences in e-commerce. I will be able to accompany you to realize your store according to your expectations. Do not hesitate to contact me to propose me your projects of creation of Shopify store. WHY CODE SECTIONS ON YOUR SHOPIFY STORE? When you make your online store more beautiful visitors are directly hooked to your store. The probability for you to get several visitors or buyers is very high than when your site does not have a good face on the net. Also, when your site does not have an attractive homepage, visitors do not take importance to your store. They consider your store of the fake. That's why I offer you my section creation service to make your Shopify store more attractive online and mark the difference between others. Encoding allows you to reduce the purchase of applications that still make your store slower when browsing. ➤➤What you get from me ? ➤ I will remove "Powered by Shopify" to your theme Shopify ➤Create an Info Flash Bar on your store: Indeed this slider system will scroll a number of flash info with an icon and a small text as for example, free shipping, satisfied customers, guarantee etc.... ➤ Make a Rotation Effect of an Image on your store: area rotate an image on itself in CSS. This type of effect is good on a round trust badge. ➤ Create a Menu Hover Effect on your store : Create a hover effect on menu items on Shopify.You will be given 2 options with a slight underline that will expand on hover or a colored background! ➤ Make Scrolling Numbers on Scroll on your store: Make a system of numbers that auto-increment the moment the surfer arrives on that section. This effect is very trendy to display the number of satisfied customers and other numerical information. ➤ Put Icons to Reassure the Customer on the Product Sheet of your store: ➤ Display Today's Date on your store : ➤ Create a vibrating button on your store: ➤ Create an information bar with dynamic texts on your store: This is a text that scrolls dynamically on your store to inform your customers about your operation or anything else you want ➤ Make a Footer with trust badges on your store: It is important to reassure your customers to have a pre footer with beautiful icons and elements to reassure them. Example: Delivery in Europe, Satisfied or refunded, After sales service, Secure payment ➤ Display the stock on your store: ➤ Make a scrolling text on your store: This is great for highlighting information that your customers need to remember. ➤ Create a Popup on your store: ➤ Round the Buttons on your store: ➤ Hide the Paypal button on your store at the level of the cart: ➤Create a Sticky Bar on your store: So what is a Sticky bar? It's simply a bar attached to the scroll with quick access to purchase a product with the choice of associated variants. ➤Make Shapes on Images on your ➤Create a(clickable) Gift Icon with Promo Code on your ➤Propose a Promo Code from a certain amount of purchase on your store ➤Automatically add a Product to the Shopping Cart on your : ➤Create a Loyalty Information Bar with Promo Code according to the number of Visits on your store ➤ Put a video on your product sheet hosted on your store ➤Create an informative flashing banner for "free delivery" on your product sheet. ➤A simple text field (Last name + First name) ➤A single choice option field ➤A checkbox field ➤A Download field ➤A Customer Reviews carousel section ➤➤➤➤Suggest me any custom section you want to have on your shopify store Don't waste your precious time and cost on trying different gigs. Let’s do a quick 10 minutes free guidance call and be my permanent client. Come and get some real deals with me. Cheers :))

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