Hi there! I'm Pavel, a CERTIFIED performance marketer based in Tbilisi, Georgia. I joined UpWork to grow the businesses of international clients with best-in-class digital marketing! 🚀 I have 3+ years of experience in Google Ads (including YouTube Ads) and Facebook Ads. I am certified by Google in Search. I'm highly strategic, paying attention to detail, and compliant with 2022 best practices. What can you expect from me? ★ I will first thoroughly understand your product, business model, and competitors. Later, I will suggest a tailor-made Google Ads and/or Facebook Ads strategy for your business. ★ I highly value my clients' budgets so I optimize campaigns, creatives, and landing pages (with Google Optimize) to the fullest. ★ I will not boast about the ROAS of retargeting or branded search campaigns. I will not overreport conversions by summing Google Ads and Facebook Ads data. ★ Instead, I will show you the whole picture, which is not always easy to comprehend. I will interpret for you data coming from all sources (GAds, FBAds, GAnalytics) and help you make the right business decisions. ★ I will create clear, insightful, and shareable performance reports in Google Data Studio, with Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Google Analytics data all in one place. Some other scenarios... ✅ You would like to run ads with me but have no one on your team who could create and later fine-tune creatives with me? I can create content for you under UpWork's fixed-price contract! I'm friends with a ton of talented Polish creators that I can hire and manage. ✅ You would like to run ads with me but lack a conversion tracking and analytics setup? I can set it up myself (if you're using Shopify, Webflow, and others) or may require help from your web dev. I am comfortable with Google Tag Manager. I continuously self-improve, spending a significant part of my free time reading industry news and insights from the world's best digital marketers. I am fluent and open to international clients. Looking forward to working with you!

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