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Thanks for stopping by! Want user friendly Google Sheet templates & Excel templates for data storage, analysis and visualization? Want spreadsheet templates for Project Trackers, Calendars, Inventory System, Invoicing or Employee Payroll? Whatever is in your mind, this has probably run through my mind too.. I have been creating Excel and Google Sheet templates since 2014, what started as an obsession to organized data and visualizing them on cheeky colorful graphs drove me to learn more and create spreadsheet tools for both businesses and individuals. Problems I help my clients with: ❓Ever feel there's just too much data to look at? ❓Ever feel confused looking through countless lines of columns and rows? ❓Do you get spend whole nights just to produce monthly reports from your data? If you are experiencing any of the frustrations above, why don't you consider having me as part of your team. Working with me you will: ◼STOP STRRUGGLING with complex and straining data from month & months of records. ◼Put your best foot forward going to that analysis meeting with accurate, concise and presentable reports. ◼SAVE TIME by creating reports in 5 MINS instead of 2-weeks. What skills will you get when you work with me: ✅Building custom user-friendly spreadsheets with complex formulas ✅Comfortable with Google Apps Script ✅Task automation with Apps Script ✅Data visualization with Google Data Studio ✅Integration with Google Forms for easy data input Some past projects I have done for clients: 👍Created an Inventory Management System using Google Sheet and Apps Script 👍Created an Invoicing System using Google Sheets and Google Forms with Apps Script 👍Created a CRM System to track down Lead through the process to conversion using Google Sheet and Apps Script 👍Created a Sales Dashboard that tracks client purchase habits over a period of time ABOUT ME: EXCELLENCE & A COMMITMENT TO CONSTANT IMPROVEMENT I am always opened to new challenges, solving problems while gaining more knowledge and experience in the process. I have a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration. I am an an avid Excel and Google Sheet user, I see data systems in everything. So I create templates for them. I am now learning more on API's and integrating them with Google Sheets, this will help integrating data from various SaaS systems with your data on Google Sheet, less work on you and faster and better end results. SOUND LIKE WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR? HERE ARE THE NEXT STEPS: Click the green ‘Invite to Job’ button in the top right-hand corner, let's book a scheduled Zoom Call on what your project requires and get right underway. Thanks, Francis

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