Hard programming for the past 5+ years web planning, design and development - I build web applications in React and Vue that are interactive, responsive and intuitive with focus on maps and data visualizations, payment integrations and authentication. Strong experience and knowledge with server administration, automating processes, building pipelines, serverless functions and building APIs using Azure, Firebase and Google Cloud Platform. Moreover, I write and run unit, integration and end-to-end tests with Cypress. Talented software programmer with Bachelor's and Master's degrees, strong educational background in programming, and experience using cutting-edge development tools and technologies whilst being productive in both team-based and self-managed project. Strong Skills and Experience - Testing: Cypress, Jest, Enzyme - Authentication: Auth0, Firebase, Azure AD - Payment integrations: Stripe, Bambora, WePay, Elavon - Communication integrations: SendGrid, Twilio - Maps integrations: Mapbox, Leaflet, Google Maps APIs - Charts libraries: Plotly, Recharts, React-Vis - Databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB - Error monitoring: Sentry Frontend Technology Knowledge - JavaScript, HTML & CSS - React - Flutter - Vue - Redux Backend Technology Knowledge - Node.js - Python Thank you for taking the time to check my profile and looking to hear from you!

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