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Roden Consulting is a professional consulting firm which provides unparalleled and insightful legal advice; highly-powerful, incisive and intelligent legal analysis; excellent legal drafting, documentation, and pleading; discovery assistance, evidence investigation and analysis; and custom legal solutions focused to address the unique circumstances of each client. We have extensive experience in legal consulting, legal research, litigation, contracts drafting, review, negotiations; risk assessment and analysis. Our areas of expertise cover both the emergent and contemporary areas of practice. In the emergent areas of practice, we have expertise in intellectual property (IP) law; internet law; competition law; finance technology (fintech); investigation, forensic evidence-gathering and analysis, and dispute resolution of cybercrimes; service management and content development of Knowledge Base (KB) databases and websites; service management and dispute resolution of issues and applications involving SAP Business Intelligence, network engineering, network administration and network security, automation, robotics, Artificial Intelligence (AI); service management and dispute resolution of issues and applications involving reality engineering (Virtual Reality (VR)/ Augmented Reality (AR); e-commerce law and Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) of e-commerce disputes such as Item Not Received (INR), Item is Not as Described (INAD), and Unpaid Item (UPI), as well as investigation of IP and trademark infringements of product listings and online fraud. In the contemporary areas of practice, our areas of expertise are in intellectual property (IP); trademark registration and protection; patent law; real estate financing; property registration, conveyancing, and recovery, and land title disputes; wills, estates & succession; partition projects and settlement of estates; declarations of trust and administration of estate; civil and criminal litigation support; employment and labor litigation; tax research and analysis; arbitration, and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). We have done extensive work and written numerous outputs for various clients such as legal pleadings, appeals, briefs, memoranda, complaints/ affidavits, contracts, etc. We have done extensive work in contracts drafting, contracts analysis, risk-evaluation and risk management, dispute forecasting and prevention, evaluation of terms and conditions, formulation of contract solutions to agreement issues, and due diligence work. Our proprietary technology JURISTICS designed by our Founder, provides a powerful tool and application for extensive and exhaustive legal and jurisprudence research and analysis, and formulation of solutions and recommendations. Note: Roden Consulting is officially registered as Roden Research Consultancy Services with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) of the Philippines, and doing business under the name and style of Roden Consulting.

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