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gm, I am the co-founder of Ikigai Ink. We are a decentralized agency that helps traditional businesses bridge into Web3. After a year of deep-diving into the rabbit hole, studying and investing in over 100s of different projects on multiple blockchains, my partner and I have developed a deep mastery for tokenomics analysis and creation of sustainable, scalable ecosystems. We believe that Web3 is the next evolution of the Internet, and within the next decade, most businesses would have already incorporated into the technology. However, we've also noticed that a majority of businesses have NO IDEA how to create an ecosystem, which requires in-depth knowledge on token distribution models, game theory, blockchain tech, DeFI and much more.. Thus Ikigai Ink aims to fill this gap. Ikigai Ink makes your transition into the Metaverse streamlined and easy. We help you develop a business model that works. We create ecosystems for you that are unique to your project alone, and advise you on the next best steps to take. We have helped many projects throughout multiple blockchains by creating a unique ecosystem, and achieve incredibly successful launches. We want to help your Web3 project succeed too. If you're passionate about building your business into the future; don't hesistate to reach out right now and let's have a chat! Website link : ikigaicity.ink

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