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Designer and Gentleman is a award-winning, full-service design agency with a passion for bold ideas. Using a human approach to marketing, we help you to build, refine or reshape your brand’s digital presence, from conception to design to launch. Designer and Gentleman is focused on award winning projects and financial success. Our brand strategists, creatives, UX/UI designers, developers, content writers, and animators are ready to handle projects at any scale. We partner with clients of all sizes, from enterprise corporations to small start-ups to celebrities and everything in between — including B2B, B2C, and our favorite: H2H (Human to Human). We want to collaborate with ambitious and progressive brands that are not afraid to move beyond tradition. We provide exceptional solutions in the branding space. But we do not sell “branding”, we sell what you can do with the branding. We do this across multiple touch points to help organizations achieve their goals. As you can see in our portfolio, the best projects are made through specific engagement. We believe in relationships. Basically, you’ll have your own dedicated and proven experts who just happen to work remotely. We live in a subscription economy. There is nothing you can achieve with just one hit. When you subscribe to a digital branding company, you move from transactional relational to a relational one. Let’s say you need an app or a website. We will learn about your tone of voice, who your audience is, what you want to achieve and how. Instead of now searching for new video editors and explaining what your business is all about and how you operate from scratch, you’ll simply continue with us, since we already know all of this - which saves money and time. That’s what we care for as a human-centric company: relationships. With a clever branding approach, we help our clients gain seven-figure investment contracts. Industries that we're servicing: Fintech, Saas, E-Commerce, Fashion, Beauty, Sports, Finance, Medical, and Food. Have a question, feel free to reach out!

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Product Design

We provide exceptional solutions in the branding space. But we do not sell “branding”, we sell what you can do with the branding. We do this across multiple touchpoints to help organizations achieve their goals.


  1. Web Development
  2. Video Ad Campaign
  3. Pitch Deck
  4. Web Design
  5. Mobile App Design
  6. UX & UI
  7. App Design
  8. Shopify
  9. Brand Identity & Guidelines
  10. WordPress e-Commerce
  11. Product Architecture
  12. POS Terminal
  13. Packaging Design
  14. Branding
  15. Logo Design

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