We believe access to Education & Opportunities is a fundamental human right, yet 80m refugees don't have them. At StepUp.One, we have Reskilled & Employed over 300 refugee graduates delivering digital marketing and lead generation to global executives


We believe access to education and opportunities is a fundamental human right, yet 80 million refugees do not have these rights. Over the last three years, we have reskilled and employed over 250 refugees from UNHCR Refugee Camps. Will you join us in this human revolution where the global community comes together to address the refugee crisis in the most dignified way. We believe social media is changing the way we showcase our ideas, products, and services. We offer three types of services. 1. Social Selling - We help seed relationships with people that matter on your behalf 2. Social Media Marketing - We help nurture those relationships with relevant content 3. Social Media Research - We keep CRM up-to-date and Research event audience 🌱 We have built B2B sales pipelines using LinkedIn Sales Navigator ✨ We have built individual thought leaders on specific hashtags on Twitter 🎥 We have delivered impactful client stories using Lumen5 videos 🌈 We have built B2C brand awareness using Facebook and Twitter 🍊 We have been able to help individuals and brands achieve their goals We believe education is a fundamental human right and with the right, marketable skill one can find the right livelihood wherever they are. We believe we are addressing the last mile problem. We believe we are giving real hope to millions of refugees. At Stepup.One, We help individual business leaders connect with their target audiences through the strategic use of social media and nurture those connections using relevant and contextual content by using a step by step approach as below. 📈 Driving Revenues through N=1 Social Selling ◾ Step 1 - Understanding the client context and direction 🧭 ◾ Step 2 - Re-framing it into a powerful story ✍🏾 ◾ Step 3 - Converting it into a compelling video 🎞️ ◾ Step 4 - Identifying the target audience/buyers 🎯 ◾ Step 5 - Connecting with them using the video 🔗 ◾ Step 6 - Conversing with connected audience 🧕 <-> 👨‍💻 ◾ Step 7 - Closing the sale / Formalising into meetings 🤝 🐦Social Media Marketing ◾ Step 1 - Baseline the client's social media standing 🌡️ ◾ Step 2 - Identity and Follow the client's business influencers 📢 ◾ Step 3 - Identify and Connect with the client's buyers 🦸 ◾ Step 4 - Start with Likes & Shares ❤️ ◾ Step 5 - Comment & Tag relevant stakeholders 💬 ◾ Step 6 - Engage with point of views and videos 📽️ ◾ Step 7 - Re-baseline and Report 📊

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Lead Generation

At Stepup.One, We help individual business leaders connect with their target audiences through the strategic use of social media to generate qualified leads from Linkedin Sales Navigator as well as other Social Media Channels. We focus on driving revenues through N=1 Social Selling with context.

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